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More than a place to live...
More than a community of friends...
More than a Church...


We are in the process of seeing whether a community like ours can prosper with Jesus as King, anointed (instead of appointed) servant leaders, and full participation of everyone the Lord sends here with all the talents and gifts He gives them.

Striving for Ideal Balance

Close enough to foster great friendships,but free enough to provide total independence.


Open enough to offer full participation in our meetings,but mature enough to have superb teaching and direction without gurus.


Focused enough to have clear goals for our site development,yet fully committed to free enterprise for all.


Living Springs is a new development planned around the 40-acre lake on a former cattle ranch, set in the beautiful, rolling hill country of Northwest Arkansas. It is a happy community of nearly 50 of the warmest people you could ever want to meet - and we are aiming for 150 in the next twelve months. You are welcome to visit us to see if perhaps this is the kind of community you've been looking for all your life. There's no place quite like it on earth!

What We Are Not!

1. We're not a monastic retreat.
We didn't come here to escape the evils of the world or achieve geographical holiness. Each of us came for his or her own reasons, but all of us are here to increase our impact on the world.

2. We're not here just for us.
If some future national emergency, natural disaster, or judgment of God should cause widespread upheaval, we will be here to welcome our families, friends, neighbors, and others God sends us to give practical help and minister as Christians.

3. We're not a retirement haven.
None of us has come here to rust and rot! We have a few retirees at Living Springs because of the stimulating company (and more are welcome), but we just aren't the bingo-and-shuffleboard set.

4. We're not a center for fanatical causes or spiritual snobbery.
We don't think we're better than Christians in big cities, nor do we think God wants everyone to move to an idyllic spot in the countryside. Various individuals here have some interesting opinions and convictions, but all fit into the general framework of commonly-accepted evangelical, charismatic, or reformed Christian theology and worldviews. Thus far, no real oddballs but you're welcome to be the first!

5. We're not a kibbutz-style commune.
Each resident at Living Springs keeps his own purse though as a community of believers, we of course try to help each other as brothers and sisters if there is some special need. Most of us are reasonably prosperous, but we try to accommodate those on a tight budget by offering some less expensive lots and allowing a few modest mobile homes ... but not right next to one of our bigger houses!

What We Are

Living Springs is a new way of life designed to maximize your spiritual growth, your impact on society, and your joy in being part of God's worldwide family.

As a resident, you will enjoy all the benefits of a secluded, bucolic environment, and yet you may find yourself more involved in global mission than ever before.

You will form some of the closest friendships of your life, yet without the closed-in feeling of a big city or a conformist-style community.

You will be spiritually stimulated to grow as never before, yet completely free of any sense of the pressure you might feel in a community led by dominant individuals. Only Jesus is the boss here!

If you are an investor or business person, you will be able to grow and thrive economically in proportion to the skills and resources you bring with you, yet you'll be free to succeed or fail on your own and reap your own rewards or penalties.



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