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The Region


   Getting here is a tourist experience in itself. We are an hour's drive east of Fayetteville, Arkansas, in the midst of the beautiful Ozark mountains, in an area where the neighbors are exceptionally friendly toward new arrivals.
    We're in Madison County, which has no theaters, no alcohol sales, and no traffic lights! Even before you reach Living Springs, you've already gotten away from it all!
    Your drive through the thickly-wooded, rolling hills is pure pleasure. The last nine miles are on Highway 74, a winding, just-resurfaced, two- lane state road used mainly by locals. You will often go five miles without meeting another car.

   If you're a geography buff, we are five miles southwest of Kingston, 13 miles west of the Ozark National Forest, 45 minutes south of historic Eureka Springs, 80 minutes south of Branson, Missouri, 2 hours east of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and 3 hours northwest of the state capital, Little Rock.

   We're just six minutes from village shopping (small grocery stores and shops) and twenty minutes from a WalMart, supermarket, three auto parts stores, and three hardware stores in Huntsville. That's pretty good for a community that seems like it's in mid-nowhere!
    The highest point on our ranch is 2000 feet above sea level. But in the Spirit, it feels even higher. For decades, God has been bringing gifted Christians to Northwest Arkansas who didn't know why they were coming here. And recently, He is starting to flood our particular area, Madison County, with even more of His special people. Even though we're a small part of what He is doing in Arkansas, we're thrilled to watch Him blend us in as part of a very strong regional network of talented saints who are eagerly expecting God to do something special in us and with us.


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