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The Economic Opportunity

There are a number of interesting investment opportunities still open. We would welcome:
  • Developers of our airstrip
  • Commissionable sales of our lots
  • A fly-in medical facility
  • Elder-care facilities
  • Fish farms
  • Goat herds, including cheese, soap, yoghurt, and other goat products
  • Dairy
  • Greenhouses and other agricultural operations for year-round food production
  • Gifted organizers and managers
  • A buggy shop and a harness shop for present and future markets
  • Eventually, all the shops and services our growing community will require
  • A water company to grow with our comunity, to back up and supplement present facilities and a future rural water line coming to our ranch
  • Other opportunities as they develop
And already, six different breadwinners here make a living over phone, fax, and Internet!

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